Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sounds Good!

Helio Yoshida
Very happy with this H4n - Handy Recorder. Allows you to record on four channels simultaneously by using its onboard mics with either external mics or direct inputs. And for media and filmmakers, the H4n makes it easy to record “high definition” audio at 24-bit/48kHz with booms, handhelds or lavaliers while gathering atmospheric audio with the onboard mics.

The H4n uses compact SD or high-capacity SDHC memory cards of up to 32GB for over 15 hours of recording time at 24-bit/96kHz. Or, using MP3 format at 128 kpbs, get over 550 hours of recording time on one card!

You can set your H4n to automatically record whenever sound above a designated level is detected. This ensures that you capture everything of importance while minimizing blank sections such as when recording a conference or lecture. 

The H4n can also be set to continuously record the most recent two seconds of audio in memory. Now, you’ll never miss the beginning of anything you want to record, even if it begins suddenly.

Let's avoid spending more money than you need or just buying items that don’t really solve the Canon’s DSLR Cameras sound issue.  The BeachTek DXA-5D and the JuicedLINK CX231 both add XLR inputs, phantom power and gain control, but just plug into the camera’s 3.5mm input leaving you with the same 16-bit 44.1kHz audio.

Double system is the only true solution for the Canon’s DSLR Cameras. Treat it like film. Just like the Red One camera, both can record sound, but any sound recorded on the camera should only be used for reference in post.  It will add a little more time in post, but the result is well worth the time. The most important step in doing double system is a slate.  Whether it be a actual slate, the clap sticks from a slate or even the clap of your hands you just need to ensure the clap is heard by both the onboard camera mic and whatever mic you may be using for your external audio recorder.  In post if you look at the audio waveforms of the camera and your external audio recorder you’ll see a spike in the audio when you clapped your slate/hands. Once the two audio clips are lined up via the spike in audio you’re now synced.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Walcyr Carrasco

Este mês eu acompanhei o autor de novelas Walcyr Carrasco fazer pesquisas para a sua próxima novela, que será exibida pela TV Globo. Eu trabalhei como guia, interprete e camera. Visitamos vários locais que poderiam servir como locação para as filmagens, assim, o autor poderia escrever o roteiro baseado em imagens vistas pessoalmente.
Walcyr Carrasco
Durante as pesquisas, eu aproveitei para documentar em vídeo as impressões que ele sentia sobre o Japão. Por seu uma pessoa espirituosa, Walcyr se apaixonou pelo país, principalmente em visitas nos locais antigos, com história milenar e longe do que representa o Japão moderno e tecnologico.
Helio Yoshida and Walcyr Carrasco in Kyoto
Helio Yoshida and Walcyr Carrasco
Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto/Japan - 1300 years history. The temple dates back to 798, and its present buildings were constructed in 1633.